I need to preface this post with saying that I have a personal bias towards these glasses.  They are probably my favorite pair I own and I love the way they look.  I think what I really like about them is that I feel like Easy E from N.W.A. when I wear them.  From their square frame to their big lenses, I like everything the Bloks bring.  That being said, I am going to try my best to give a review with no prejudice towards them, because that’s what YOU deserve.  So here we go, the Spy Optics Blok.


The Blok’s will block out the light.  No DOUBT about that.  They have some of the biggest lenses out of all the Spys available and they keep it nice and shady.  I have no complaints with being outside with these on hours when it comes to blocking out the sun.  However, these big lenses also bring unique setbacks.  Because they are so big, and they are so close to your face, plenty of dirt, lint, etc., can be attracted to both sides of the lenses and get really dirty.  This is very frustrating because you have to take them off and wipe them every so often to keep the lenses clear.  Also, because of the size of the lenses they are very susceptible to getting scratched.  The width from the frames to the lenses is pretty small so throwing these around very much will get them scratched really quick.  So while they are effective at keeping the sun out, because of the lenses you might be having to take them off more often than wearing them to clean them, look to see if you scratched them, etc.

I give the Bloks a 3 for effectiveness


The Bloks are big glasses.  They are big and tall and wide.  And plastic.  However they are not overly heavy on your face.  That being said, they are noticeably weightier than metal frames.  There are two spots where you can feel the weight and I will address both. First is the bridge of the nose.  I believe that Spy has really gotten constructing plastic frames down to an art, so that even without any apparent bridge support it never really feels uncomfortable.  You can feel the glasses on there but it doesn’t feel like you are being constantly squeezed.  Some are better than others but overall they do a good job.  The same goes for the Bloks.  They don’t feel overly heavy on the bridge.  But because of their size the top of the glasses rests against the bottom of your forehead.  Also, the glasses are made with kind of reverse slope type look, so the top of the glasses stick “out” more than the bottom.  All this is to say with the glasses resting on both your bridge and your forehead, you can feel some pressure and want to readjust every so often.  This is particularly true if you are sweating at all (a whole other issue I will address in a bit.)

The Bloks don’t make much of a mark on your bridge however.  I have worn these in very extended amounts of time and it doesn’t leave a horrible red spot around your bridge or anything.  However, this is about the only good thing that is comfortable with these shades.

The other spot is on the top of the ears, and this is where the Bloks really fail.  I don’t know if its their weight or the fact that the ear part of the frames kind of angle down around your ear, but after any length of time wearing these you can feel uncomfortable pressure on your ears.  It is something I notice constantly and have to always readjust.  I notice this when I am driving more than any other time, and it makes me have to lift them up so I wear the glasses more on the top of my head than on my ears.  It looks dumb to say the least, but at least when you’re driving not many people see.  All in all these are NOT a pair of shades to wear for long periods of time.  Their weight, shape, and size make them uncomfortable on the face.  Beauty is pain, as they say, and you will feel some pain (or at least agitation) when you wear these.

I give the Bloks a 2 for comfort

User Friendly

Let me emphasize that these shades are for strictly image.  Of course no one needs a pair of glasses this big.  The lenses, the frames, all of it is excessive.  That’s ok, I really like that look, but just know going in you’re gonna pay for it.  The Blok’s aren’t the most user-friendly glasses around.  For starters they’re big.  They’re big on your face, they’re big on the top of your head when you put them up there, they’re big when you hang them from your shirt.  Whatever you’re doing, you’ll know that you have glasses with you.  They aren’t the kind of pair you can just sit up on your head and forget what you did with them.

Also, because of their size and shape, if you wear these outside in the heat for very long and sweat, they are going to get wet.  I did a LOT with these glasses outside last summer and it was not the easiest thing to do.  The sweat runs down your forehead, catches on the top, and then it gets the top of the shades wet, your forehead REALLY wet, etc. etc.  It’s like the Cooper’s times 100.  It’s bad.

Another thing about the Blok’s have to do with their weight.  If you look down, bend down, or do anything that allow gravity to have ANY kind of pull, your glasses are going to be ready to jump off your face.  These guys ride loose on the face and are ready to jump ship at any opportunity.  Another thing that I’ve found interesting about the Bloks that hasn’t happened with any of my other pairs are the hinges.  They have become incredibly loose.  Not loose like it’s about to fall apart, but like I can swing the hinge back and forth if i just kind of lift the glasses AT ALL.  This is very frustrating if you are trying to put the glasses on with one hand because they will close on you and you can’t ever keep them “open.”

I give the Bloks a 2 for User Friendliness

Fitting Room

Have I mentioned that these glasses are big?  They are wide, tall, anything that means large.  The only glasses that are bigger than these are the Touring’s, which have their own zip code.  But unlike the Touring’s these glasses have a very square shape to them.  They have very square and straight lines.  This can compliment a lot of different face types.  While most other glasses I have run across really don’t work well with round faces, the Blok’s could.  They are made so that a round face could compliment the Blok’s rather well.  My face, on the other hand, is pretty slender, and they look pretty good.  So overall the Blok’s are pretty versatile for face size.  I don’t know how the comfort level would change on these different size faces however, because the Bloks are not very comfortable on my face.

I give the Bloks a 5 for fittings


I tried to be unbiased, and I rode the Bloks pretty hard.  This is where cut and dry reviews and personal biases split ways.  I love my Bloks and I love the look they give.  But that is exactly what you are getting when you wear them; a look.  They aren’t made for comfort or long road trips.  They aren’t made to be outside mowing the lawn in the 100 degree heat.  They are made to just look cool and make you feel cool.  And, if we’d all admit it, that’s REALLY why any of us wear sunglasses.  But, if you are looking for a pair for any specific reason, the Bloks won’t be your best choice.  The best thing about them is the fact that they are so uniquely shaped and they could fit a lot of different faces.  Other than that they take some sacrifices.

Overall I give the Bloks a 2.  You are making a commitment when you wear the Bloks, and that commitment is to look cool, regardless of the consequences.


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  2. These are great reviews man. I’m interested in maybe picking up the hiball or bodega.

    Are you planning to do a review for those two bad boys soon? I’d sure love to see what you have to say before my make my decision!

    • Thanks for the support! I actually was in that very same dilema a couple of weeks ago and settled on the hiballs. I will get a post up for it soon. Please comment on any others and give me any suggestions on how this site can be better!

  3. Great review! I was rocking the Bloks a couple weeks ago but could not stand them falling off my head. I keep having to bend the frames smaller but that would only work for about an hour.
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