I want to apologize ladies and gents for being so lazy.  I understand it’s been a little while since I’ve posted a review…and I KNOW that you have been checking this site every day just itching for my wisdom.  I’m sincerely sorry and I’m here to let you know that I’m back with a great (well…informative) review on the Spy Optic Tourings.


The Tourings are huge.  Shaq huge.  In fact if you watched last season of “Shaq Vs.” you would have seen him wearing them.  Seriously.  They’re gonna block sunlight no doubt about that.  They’ll also block bugs if you’re on a motorcycle, sparks if you’re welding, and birds if you’re flying an airplane.  Consider the lens on the Tourings more of a windshield than sunglasses.  No matter where the sun is, you’ll be shaded with these.  I really can’t say enough how big these sunglasses are.

I give the Tourings a 5 for effectiveness


Unfortunately for the Tourings, effectiveness is about the only good thing I have to about them.  Like stated numerous times, they’re big.  They’re big and wide and plastic.  And by plastic, I mean a LOT of plastic.  This makes the Tourings really heavy.  They’re heaving on your nose, they’re heavy on the top of your ears, they’re heavy on your head.  Imagine wearing goggles made of concrete and this is what it’s like to wear the Tourings.

I will have to say, they ride on your face better than the Bloks.  They are more curved to fit the roundness of a face and have more hug around the sides of your head and your ears.  However, sometimes that “hug” can get a little tight and be uncomfortable.  I don’t think they’d fall right off your face if you bent down like the Bloks would, but I wouldn’t try to do any kind of rigorous activity in them either.  They’re just too bulky and when you wear them you’ll constantly know, I HAVE SUNGLASSES ON.  My preference is to wear a pair of glasses and forget I even have them on because they’re so comfortable.

As far as comfort is considered, you’re paying the fashion tax for the look the Tourings give.

I give the Tourings a 2 for comfort

User Friendly

If you think that the Bloks are big…you’ll think these are a window pane.  The Tourings are like if the Coopers and the Bloks had a baby, and then that baby grew bigger than the Bloks.  They have a curvature that makes them fit your face better…but they are just so damn big!  The lenses are big, the frames are big, even the sides around your head are big.  If you’re a huge person they might fit you will but for the average Joe these are literally “larger than life” and have the look of it.

Another point to consider with the Tourings is with larger lens, its just that much easier to scratch the lenses.  If you don’t constantly keep these in a case or something when you’re not wearing them, the lenses will get scratched.  It’s inevitable.  They kind of jut out and you’ll be throwing them off your face when you get out of the car and things just happen.

I give the Tourings a 2 for User Friendliness

Fitting Room

Because of the size of these glasses, the Tourings wouldn’t look good on a round face.  Round on round is a no go.  A bigger, square type face would compliment these well.  Slender faces can pull it off as well.  In fact, I bought these glasses for my girlfriend who is no bigger than a benji and a VERY slender face.  So they could fit most faces pretty well.  They aren’t very comfortable…but they’d fit a lot of different faces.

I give the Tourings a 3 for fittings


This was a short review but I didn’t really have too much to say.  I don’t like these glasses.  They’re uncomfortable, they’re too big, and I don’t think they look that cool.  These have a lot of the same attributes of the Bloks, just multiplied, and they don’t look as good.  I would not recommend these glasses.

Overall I give the Tourings a 1.  I just don’t like anything about them.


One Response to “Touring”

  1. Aaron Wiebe Says:

    Tourings are the greatest sunglasses ever made. I appreciate your review though, its tough with sunglasses because everyone’s face is completely different. I have a big face so I need big glasses, any others simply aren’t big enough.

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