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Posted in Blok, Sunglasses on March 28, 2010 by Thomas

I need to preface this post with saying that I have a personal bias towards these glasses.  They are probably my favorite pair I own and I love the way they look.  I think what I really like about them is that I feel like Easy E from N.W.A. when I wear them.  From their square frame to their big lenses, I like everything the Bloks bring.  That being said, I am going to try my best to give a review with no prejudice towards them, because that’s what YOU deserve.  So here we go, the Spy Optics Blok.


The Blok’s will block out the light.  No DOUBT about that.  They have some of the biggest lenses out of all the Spys available and they keep it nice and shady.  I have no complaints with being outside with these on hours when it comes to blocking out the sun.  However, these big lenses also bring unique setbacks.  Because they are so big, and they are so close to your face, plenty of dirt, lint, etc., can be attracted to both sides of the lenses and get really dirty.  This is very frustrating because you have to take them off and wipe them every so often to keep the lenses clear.  Also, because of the size of the lenses they are very susceptible to getting scratched.  The width from the frames to the lenses is pretty small so throwing these around very much will get them scratched really quick.  So while they are effective at keeping the sun out, because of the lenses you might be having to take them off more often than wearing them to clean them, look to see if you scratched them, etc.

I give the Bloks a 3 for effectiveness


The Bloks are big glasses.  They are big and tall and wide.  And plastic.  However they are not overly heavy on your face.  That being said, they are noticeably weightier than metal frames.  There are two spots where you can feel the weight and I will address both. First is the bridge of the nose.  I believe that Spy has really gotten constructing plastic frames down to an art, so that even without any apparent bridge support it never really feels uncomfortable.  You can feel the glasses on there but it doesn’t feel like you are being constantly squeezed.  Some are better than others but overall they do a good job.  The same goes for the Bloks.  They don’t feel overly heavy on the bridge.  But because of their size the top of the glasses rests against the bottom of your forehead.  Also, the glasses are made with kind of reverse slope type look, so the top of the glasses stick “out” more than the bottom.  All this is to say with the glasses resting on both your bridge and your forehead, you can feel some pressure and want to readjust every so often.  This is particularly true if you are sweating at all (a whole other issue I will address in a bit.)

The Bloks don’t make much of a mark on your bridge however.  I have worn these in very extended amounts of time and it doesn’t leave a horrible red spot around your bridge or anything.  However, this is about the only good thing that is comfortable with these shades.

The other spot is on the top of the ears, and this is where the Bloks really fail.  I don’t know if its their weight or the fact that the ear part of the frames kind of angle down around your ear, but after any length of time wearing these you can feel uncomfortable pressure on your ears.  It is something I notice constantly and have to always readjust.  I notice this when I am driving more than any other time, and it makes me have to lift them up so I wear the glasses more on the top of my head than on my ears.  It looks dumb to say the least, but at least when you’re driving not many people see.  All in all these are NOT a pair of shades to wear for long periods of time.  Their weight, shape, and size make them uncomfortable on the face.  Beauty is pain, as they say, and you will feel some pain (or at least agitation) when you wear these.

I give the Bloks a 2 for comfort

User Friendly

Let me emphasize that these shades are for strictly image.  Of course no one needs a pair of glasses this big.  The lenses, the frames, all of it is excessive.  That’s ok, I really like that look, but just know going in you’re gonna pay for it.  The Blok’s aren’t the most user-friendly glasses around.  For starters they’re big.  They’re big on your face, they’re big on the top of your head when you put them up there, they’re big when you hang them from your shirt.  Whatever you’re doing, you’ll know that you have glasses with you.  They aren’t the kind of pair you can just sit up on your head and forget what you did with them.

Also, because of their size and shape, if you wear these outside in the heat for very long and sweat, they are going to get wet.  I did a LOT with these glasses outside last summer and it was not the easiest thing to do.  The sweat runs down your forehead, catches on the top, and then it gets the top of the shades wet, your forehead REALLY wet, etc. etc.  It’s like the Cooper’s times 100.  It’s bad.

Another thing about the Blok’s have to do with their weight.  If you look down, bend down, or do anything that allow gravity to have ANY kind of pull, your glasses are going to be ready to jump off your face.  These guys ride loose on the face and are ready to jump ship at any opportunity.  Another thing that I’ve found interesting about the Bloks that hasn’t happened with any of my other pairs are the hinges.  They have become incredibly loose.  Not loose like it’s about to fall apart, but like I can swing the hinge back and forth if i just kind of lift the glasses AT ALL.  This is very frustrating if you are trying to put the glasses on with one hand because they will close on you and you can’t ever keep them “open.”

I give the Bloks a 2 for User Friendliness

Fitting Room

Have I mentioned that these glasses are big?  They are wide, tall, anything that means large.  The only glasses that are bigger than these are the Touring’s, which have their own zip code.  But unlike the Touring’s these glasses have a very square shape to them.  They have very square and straight lines.  This can compliment a lot of different face types.  While most other glasses I have run across really don’t work well with round faces, the Blok’s could.  They are made so that a round face could compliment the Blok’s rather well.  My face, on the other hand, is pretty slender, and they look pretty good.  So overall the Blok’s are pretty versatile for face size.  I don’t know how the comfort level would change on these different size faces however, because the Bloks are not very comfortable on my face.

I give the Bloks a 5 for fittings


I tried to be unbiased, and I rode the Bloks pretty hard.  This is where cut and dry reviews and personal biases split ways.  I love my Bloks and I love the look they give.  But that is exactly what you are getting when you wear them; a look.  They aren’t made for comfort or long road trips.  They aren’t made to be outside mowing the lawn in the 100 degree heat.  They are made to just look cool and make you feel cool.  And, if we’d all admit it, that’s REALLY why any of us wear sunglasses.  But, if you are looking for a pair for any specific reason, the Bloks won’t be your best choice.  The best thing about them is the fact that they are so uniquely shaped and they could fit a lot of different faces.  Other than that they take some sacrifices.

Overall I give the Bloks a 2.  You are making a commitment when you wear the Bloks, and that commitment is to look cool, regardless of the consequences.



Posted in Cooper, Sunglasses on March 20, 2010 by Thomas

The Spy Optic Coopers were the first pair of Spys I ever owned.  I had always loved Spys but didn’t have the money or means to get them.  When my girlfriend bought me a pair I was ecstatic.  The only other pair of nice shades I had ever owned were a pair of Ray-Ban aviators that were scratched, felt cheap in your hands, and the tint made outside look weird.  When I put on the Black Gloss with Grey Polarized Coopers, I knew what quality sunglasses meant.  Spy Optics were brought into my world.


The color that the Coopers provide is great.  They give a great dark tint that blocks out the brightest of sun.  I wore these a lot at the lake and were very pleased with their effectiveness.  The polarized version is a plus as well, but I don’t think that polarized lens are worth the extra money that they are sold for.  I think that the superior tint that Spys provide make it where you don’t need polarized glasses unless you are a professional bass fisherman, in which you’ll need to see through that water glare.

I do have my complaints about the Coopers.  Because of their slender shape, your peripheral vision can be distracted from the external light above and below the lens.  The look that Coopers provide is that very sleek, clean look, like a much cooler version of Lavar Burton’s character in Star Trek.  The only caviate to that, however, is the fact that they can let in some light above and below.  This is distracting to me, especially when driving.

I give the Coopers a 3 for effectiveness


If you are new to Spys, the majority of their frames are thick plastic.  This creates more weight than you might be used to.  The Coopers aren’t overly heavy on your face, but at the same time if you switch from wire frame glasses you’ll tell a difference.  Also is the bridge support for your nose.  They do not have any pads like most wire frame glasses do.  It is just the same plastic as the frame.  This can create some discomfort ESPECIALLY on the bridge area.

The Coopers are not overly uncomfortable.  They also aren’t the most comfortable pair of shades I’ve ever worn.  Because of the sleek look they create, they are made compact.  This can affect the bridge of the nose quite a bit.  If worn for a long period of time there can definitely be a pinching sensation on the bridge.  This calls for constant adjustments to alleviate this pain.  It isn’t unbearable but you do feel like you have to do the “nerd move” on your glasses every so often.

I was surprised to see how little marks the Coopers make on the bridge of your nose.  I wore them for 10-15 without any markings at all.  Usually if you are going to have a bad marking problem 10 minutes is more than enough to see.  This makes them good glasses to wear for an extended amount of time.

As far as the frame, there are no complaints.  They don’t squeeze the sides of your head at all and don’t hurt the back of your ears either.  That can be a real problem with some pairs of glasses.

I give the Coopers a 3 for comfort

User Friendly

The Coopers ride tight on your face.  Because of their design they aren’t overly big or heavy so bending down won’t make them want to slip off your face or anything like that.  When you run with them they won’t try to jump off your face either.  However, if you are a sweater there might be an issue.  The tops of the Coopers sit right on your forehead.  If you have a decent amount of sweat running down your face (like I do in the summer), it can get on the top of the glasses and run down the sides and get all of the frame pretty wet.  Also it can build up a kind of “dam” of sweat up on the top of your forehead so you feel like you are collecting a reservoir up there.  This is frustrating to me because when I’m outside running, working, or playing, I don’t want to feel like I have to take my glasses off every 30 minutes to wipe my forehead.  All in all, if you don’t sweat much or aren’t going to be in an environment that will make you sweat you’re good, otherwise you might want to consider a different pair.

I give the Coopers a 2 for user friendliness

Fitting Room

These glasses were not meant for the round face.  Not at all.  If you have a round fatter face you will look like a fully squeezed stress ball.  The Coopers are all about a sleek clean look and it works much better for longer faces.  That being said, if you have a very tall face these won’t work too well either.  In the past I have had trouble finding glasses that don’t stick out wider than my face, and while these don’t really do that I could see how on tall faces it could.  The Coopers were made for a certain type of face build and they won’t work on many others.  Too tall or too wide and you’ll look weird wearing the Coopers.  Even for me I think my face is a little too tall to make these look great.

I give the Coopers a 3 for fittings (because of how few they can fit PERFECTLY)


I feel like I have kind of raked the Coopers over the coals, and I didn’t mean to do that.  There is nothing that is overly BAD about the Coopers.  They look cool and they feel pretty comfortable.  However, these are not a pair of glasses you can see online and just buy.  You can’t know for sure if they are going to look or feel good on you without trying them on.  And in this internet age, that is just a hassle.  I mean, who wants to go to a store just to TRY a pair of glasses on?  Not me (even though I do quite often).  All in all, the Coopers are best for someone with not too tall but not too wide face, and doesn’t really work out with glasses on.  Like a pair to throw on when you’re going for a drive.

I give the Coopers a 3 overall.  I don’t want to smash them with a hammer, but they are only useful in certain sunglasses needing situations.


Posted in Cloverdale, Sunglasses on March 13, 2010 by Thomas

Ahh, the insanely cool Cloverdale sunglasses.  These are the first pair of metal Spys that I have owned and I liked them because they gave a lot different look than the normal plastic ones that give a distinct extreme sports appearance.  They wear light and close to the eyes and make you feel like James Bond through and through.


I sport the brushed gunmetal with silver temples and black mirror Cloverdales.  They’re not polarized but the tint that the bluish shade gives make them just as good.  I love the color they give off and it is a HUNDRED times better than the grey tint.  They make it where you can protect your eyes from extreme sunshine but also can wear them in shade or darker sun so that you can keep that cool look going.  There’s nothing worse than having to take your shades off at dusk because you’re walking around like Stevie Ray.

I give Cloverdale a 5 for effectiveness


Because of the metal frame that Cloverdale is made out of, they probably half the weight of it’s plastic companions.  These guys feel great on your face and they can definitely sit there for a while.  The ear frames are thin and small which make them feel like they aren’t even on your face.  They give no “head pinch,” which you can run into quite frequently. Cloverdales do a pretty good job of not irritating the bridge of your nose, which I sure is mainly in part to there weight.  They have the plastic pads that lay on your nose and they are effective enough that you don’t feel like you need to readjust them over and over or do that “I’m a nerd” move where you push them up closer to your face.  I have ran into my fair share of glasses where you can’t wear them more than 2 minutes without have to adjust them on your bridge. I recently went on a six hour roadtrip and wore the Cloverdales pretty much non-stop.  They are road warriors and will give you little trouble during long durations of use. The only complaint I have about the comfort of the Cloverdales is the mark they leave on the bridge of your nose.  I threw these on for only about ten minutes and there was already a noticeable mark at the top of my nose.  I wouldn’t say HORRIBLE, but if you’re walking into a blind/first date, I don’t think I would want that mark there.  However, I check again after only twenty minutes without the glasses and it had completely disappeared.   So, they do leave a presence on your face showing you wore them, but these are the kind of glasses that you can and should wear for long periods of time, and even the most cynical person would have to accept that glasses will do that.

I give Cloverdale a 4 for comfort

User Friendly

These bad boys were made to ride your face, and to ride it close.  If you pushed the lens any closer to your face your eye lashes would touch.  I did a thirty minute jog with these on and they didn’t even budge.  Like I have said, the weight of the Cloverdales is so light that they can pretty much just sit on your face without any discomfort.  If you are an active person, running, biking, etc., these glasses are ideal for you because of their weight and their shape.  I have no complaints about these in regards to doing activities with them on.

The only thing you have to be wary is of the lens.  They have much less space between the frame and the lens because of the wire.  This makes them even MORE susceptible to getting scratched than its plastic counterparts.  They did remedy this by providing a VERY nice leather case that it comes with.  However, if you’re taking them off, setting them down and whatnot be careful because they can scratch very easily.  Don’t set them around your keys or loose change or anything.  Learned from experience.

I give Cloverdale a 5 for user friendliness

Fitting Room

Because of the size and weight of the Cloverdales, they will most likely look a LOT different on a face that is used the plastic Spys.  They also are slightly curved in on either side, giving them a cylinder type shape, which for very wide heads will not fit very well.  They fit my face perfectly and I love the way they look.  However, if you have a wider, rounder face I don’t think the Cloverdales are for you.  They will more than likely give you that “fat cop that wears aviators” look.  However, far smaller taller heads these will were perfectly. Also a point of note, these are really good for girls as well.  I know that Spy has a line for girls, but my experience with those are that they are pretty dumb.  While some men’s Spys are too big for a girls face, these work very will and look stunning on a female.

I give Cloverdale a 4 for fit (my face of course, if you have a wide face it won’t work)


I love the Cloverdales.  They are the first pair of wire framed Spys I have owned and they have treated me great.  They give you a very different look than the plastic lines that Spy is really known for, but they still give that great attitude and sense of style that Spys are famous for.  They are great for protection, they were close to your face and sit comfortably, and overall are a great pair of shades.

I give Cloverdale a 4.5 overall.  I don’t want them SURGICALLY attached to my face, but if I had to eat, drink, and sleep in them, I would be A-OK.