What Is This?

This blog is dedicated to an IN DEPTH review of Spy Optic sun glasses.  They have no order of favoritism, just how I see fit and which pair I can get my hands on.  There will be several categories that will be judged for the shades:

-How effective they are (blocking the sun, polarization, etc.)

-How comfortable they are (weight on your face i.e. bridge of your nose, around the ears, marks on your nose, brow, as well as any other notable feelings.  Also duration of “wearability”)

-How user friendly they are (running, driving, basically being able to live in them)

-How they look (if they only work for certain head shapes, eye sizes, etc.  You know some glasses don’t work for you; they don’t all work for me either.

They will be judged on a scale of 1-5, 1 being “get these God forsaken things off of me”, and 5 being “I wish I could surgically attach these to my face.”

Pictures will follow of the certain pair of glasses as well as any other valuable insights.

Disclaimer: I am not paid by Spy Optics or anyone else to endorse any particular pair of glasses.  I tell it how I see it/feel it and all of my opinions are strictly my OWN point of view.  Read at your own warning.


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